• Alator Giftware

    Alator Giftware

    Alator is Nemesis Now’s value giftware range. From grinning reapers and majestic dragons to serene cherubs and fearsome skeletons, there’s something here for every customer at prices they can easily afford.

  • Alchemy Gothic

    Alchemy Gothic

    Alchemy Carta

    Alchemy Carta was started in Leicester, England in 1977 by two self-taught artist/model maker/designers from Manchester: Geoff Kayson and Trevor Phillipson.

    Their imaginative, high quality work and products soon earned them the attention of some influential and high profile clients. This established them in the, 'promotional products' business, designing and producing items as diverse as bronze statues, album covers, collectable giftware and Rock 'n' Roll merchandise.

    Together with their own unique range of extraordinary niche products, their reputation quickly spread and the business was established.The business steadily grew to include its own fully equipped research and development and extensive production departments, with a young dedicated staff, many of whom are the backbone of the company today.

  • Asgard Crafts

    Asgard Crafts

    Jim started making reproduction artefacts in 1999. Whilst working at the world-renowned Jorvik Viking centre he got to spend a long time looking at the original finds and wanted copies of these for his re-enactment hobby. Alas, many of these wonderful items were difficult to obtain, so he made it his own personal mission to learn how to make them for himself. He found his background in archaeology immensely helpful in undertaking his first project: a set of folding trader's scales. Soon a toilet set and a ring pin followed and his new project was a Viking comb. .

    Through trial and error and a lot of hard work, Jim managed to make his first comb and in the process brought to life the ancient art of comb making. He has lost count in recent years of how many he has made, we estimate in excess of 100.

    Soon, fellow re-enactors and colleagues from the Viking centre had seen his work and he was getting bombarded with orders to make more for them. And so, in 2002 we founded Asgard Crafts. Very quickly, it went from a part time hobby to a full time business. We realised very quickly that to do justice to our work, we had to be 100% behind the business and thus it took over as the "day job".

  • AzureGreen


    Founded as a small pagan store in 1986, AzureGreen has grown into one of the largest Pagan, and New Age stores in the world! Located at Beltane Hill, you can find over 8000 products ranging from spell kits and ritual supplies to bulk herbs and books on Wicca, Norse traditions, Santeria, and much more.

  • Dark Star

    Dark Star

    The voyage of Jordash Clothing started around thirty years ago with an aim of providing vintage clothing as well as gothic & ethnic style clothing with beauty & comfort.

    Our must have styles cover wide range of men’s & women’s clothing line. Whether you are looking for jackets, dresses, Basques, blouses and skirts we craft it all along with handbags, purses, scarves, gloves and more to up the style.

    All our products are designed in house. Known for its opulent fabric & authentic gothic style prints, Dark Star Clothing brings classic fashion for today & tomorrow. A step higher in quality we offer a broad range of retro clothing online to satisfy your fashion cravings.

    NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS are used in the production of Jordash clothing products.

  • Lazell Historic

    Lazell Historic

    We wholesale a wide range of the best quality jewellery, amulets, accessories, gifts, greeting cards and posters through a fantastic selection of pieces, all at great value.

    All our products contain NO lead and NO nickel ! All our products are produced in Europe !

  • Nemesis Now!

    Nemesis Now!

    If you are looking for alternative, fantasy and gothic gifts and collectables then look no further than Nemesis Now. Our extensive range of over 3000 products features exclusive licensed collectables, premium quality hand painted poly resin giftware and heritage gift.

    Our giftware ranges feature a wide range of figurines, drinkware, home decorations and wall art in collections that ignite the imagination and bring fantasy to life.
  • Spiral Direct

    Spiral Direct

    Spiral Direct is an established clothing and accessories brand that has been offering dark, cutting edge designs into the alternative fashion market for three decades. We release a catalogue three times a year that is jam-packed with wonderful things to treat yourself to; check out the download links to it on our website. We offer Standard or Express Delivery for getting your items to you even faster, as well as Free Shipping if your order exceeds £50 (£100 for Express Delivery). Our website is Wholesale enabled, please click on the Wholesale tab at the top of the page to request an account with us.

  • Vince Ray

    Vince Ray